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FlashMeeting Presenter

When booking a FlashMeeting you can choose between the 'standard' style interface and the 'presentation' style interface. The main difference between the two is that the 'presentation' interface contains the FlashBoard within it, rather than opening in a separate pop-up window.
If you are making a presentation or think you will use the FlashBoard a lot, it may be the better choice. However, note that the other interface items have been made smaller to accommodate it and the chat may be difficult to read on a small monitor. The controls and functions work in the same way as the 'standard' interface.

If the 'presentation' style interface is chosen, the Memo replay will automatically appear in a similar style, with the integrated FlashBoard.

Note that you must be 'Signed In' to a FlashMeeting (whichever type is chosen), to be able to use the FlashBoard. Guests can only view it.


FlashMeeting is copyright KMi, The Open University, UK.