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FlashMeeting Presentation Lists Help

Here are some instructions and tips for presenting slides in FlashMeeting.

PowerPoint is often the starting point for many people's slide presentations. You can’t upload *.ppt slides directly into FlashMeeting, but you can convert your PowerPoint presentation into a format that can be used with FlashMeeting (only .jpg files can be used within FlashMeeting) . These are some steps you can follow:

1. Open your .ppt in the Powerpoint application, and go to File--> save as and choose ‘JPEG File Interchange (*.jpg)’ from the ‘save as type’ drop-down menu, and Powerpoint will save your presentation as ‘.jpg’. Maybe the text won’t be of perfect quality, as Powerpoint has converted it to .jpg. Try it with a slide and if you think the quality is not good enough, you can try and re-create the slides in another application such as Photoshop.

2. Now to add your slides as a FlashMeeting presentation. Go to the address http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk/mxbooking/mf_obj.php and click on ‘store’, you will then be asked to add a title and description for each slide and then you can click on ‘browse’ to add each slide. (I’m afraid you’ll have to add each slide separately…) and then click on ‘add the image’

3. After having added all your slides, go back to http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk/mxbooking/mf_obj.php and click on ‘presentation’ --> ‘create new presentation’. Add a title and description and then at the bottom of the page at the ‘store list’, you will see your slides. Tick the check boxes and add the slides. You can rearrange the order of the slides up or down, or delete them.

4. Now go to the FlashMeeting booking URL and start your presentation, (remember to 'Sign In' with your details so you will have access to all FlashMeeting's features). Once you are in the meeting, click on ‘xtras’ --> ‘FlashBoard’, to open the FlashBoard. On the bottom right of the FlashBoard you will see some buttons, you can click on either the ‘list’ button (which will load all of your slides as a presentation), or the ‘images’ button (to load each slide separately).

If you choose to load the presentation as a ‘list’, a 'floating pallet' containing a menu showing all the slides is created, which you can navigate using either your mouse or the arrows from your keyboard. So, maybe it’s a better option than loading individual ‘images’ if you have many slides to show.

When viewing the Memo ‘replay’, you should click on the ‘open snaps’ button (in the middle of the page, right hand side) and your slides will be opened in another window, so the video and slides can be seen at the same time as they appeared in the 'live' meeting. If there is no video, you can maximize the ‘open snaps’ window and hear the audio playing 'beneath' the slide presentation, or just view the slides changing…


FlashMeeting is copyright KMi, The Open University, UK.